Travel Photography/Blogging/Reviews

As a writer and photographer for many years, along with a lifetime love of travel, I am combining all of these passions and adding to my repertoire!  In the summer of 2014, as my family and I embark on our adventures, I will be writing travel pieces and adding to my blog and online magazine writing.  Complete with photographs, these blogs will provide a visual walk-through of the awesome (and even the not-so-awesome) hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, and excursions that we discover along the way.

If you have a place that you would like to recommend for review, especially those places that are LGBT-friendly, please send us a note (, leave us a comment, and we will check them out!  Anytime that we can pass on cool places and fun things for our readers and community to visit and share, we will be happy to do so!  And if we happen to come to your neck of the woods, be sure to let us know….maybe we can meet you and yours!

travel b&w


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