About Me

It’s hard to know where to start when sharing about my wonderful, amazing family and the awesomeness that is our life together.

I am Tanya, and welcome to my world as Domestic Dyke.  Writer since I was very young; blogger for several years now.  Photographer for 14+ years, food writer/photographer on and off for a couple of years, foodie/home chef/meal planner for a while now.  New Plexus Ambassador.  Activist for marriage equality, LGBT rights, and women’s rights.  Driver.  Teacher.  Doctor or nurse, when needed.  Wife to Erikka.  Mother of two really cool boys, Nicholas and Noah; and one amazing baby girl, Harrison.  Mother-in-law to beautiful Krystal, as well as business partner with her at Zoe’s Sweet Inspirations.  On New Year’s Day of 2013, I became YaYa to Nicholas and Krystal’s baby girl, Zoe.  And as of November 14, 2013, breast cancer SURVIVOR!

I fit into many of the stereotypes of the non-fem dyke, but not all of them.  I love my ballcaps, jeans, cargo shorts, and formerly, sports bras.  I want a motorcycle and I want another Jeep Wrangler.  I like to jet ski and sometimes camp.  I have multiple tattoos.  I DO shave my legs, I DO wear a diamond wedding ring, I DO cook and clean, and I HAVE gotten pregnant and given birth to babies.

You never know what you might uncover when you get to know someone – you might just be surprised.  So come back often, read about our journey, and maybe get to know a different side of a dyke that you never knew before!


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