(Review) Woody’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Watering Hole – Golden, CO.

Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza & Watering Hole         Four Star Rating

1305 Washington Avenue

Golden, Colorado 80401



After we arrived in Golden, Colorado this past June for our family vacation, we found that the condo patio looked down over the main strip of restaurants and shops on Washington Avenue – and just up and over Woody’s.  The pizza place had come highly recommended from several of our friends who either owned the condo or had stayed there before us, so it was high on the list of places to try.

The atmosphere was fun, with a full-size bar just beyond the front door.  There is some outside seating, and the weather there is pleasant enough (at least it was in June) for dining on the patio.  We had two kids with us, however, so we opted to go inside for the nice air-conditioning.  There was clientele of all ages and types, from couples, to groups, to families; with sports playing on televisions throughout the restaurant, and I think music was also playing.  It wasn’t quiet, but it wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t hear each other talking.  ALL of the staff were VERY nice, friendly, and accomodating.  When our two year old daughter wanted to stop a server and speak to them, they always did, and most of the time would squat to her level and actually talk to her – even with the restaurant mostly full with customers.  Our server was so great with both kids, and we really appreciate that when we go out, knowing how busy waiting tables can be.

2014-06-09 18.08.58
The special request pizza with anchovies

The main attraction that we had been recommended was the All You Can Eat Wood-Fired Pizza, Soup, & Salad Bar for $11.38 (kids 4 & under only $3.58, kids 4-10 only $8.78).  The salad bar was huge, with a fairly large offering of salady-stuff.  The soup was a beer cheese soup that was SO good.  And the pizza bar offered a pretty big variety of old favorites and unique types; and if you see something you didn’t like or wanted something that you didn’t see, the pizza chef would make it for you.  I saw one special request that was an Alfredo pizza with pineapple and anchovies.  Yeah.  I didn’t try that one.  They made an Alfredo Four Cheese for my wife, and a BBQ Chicken (Woody’s own whiskey barbecue sauce, wood-roasted chicken breast, bacon, mozzarealla & local honey) at my request…which I LOVED (I only wish I could have eaten more)!  I also tried the Italian Stallion (olive oil, Italian sausage, mushrooms, onion, black olives, roasted garlic, fresh basil, and mozzarella)….hearty and an awesome flavor combination.  We both tried the Margherita (olive oil, thin sliced Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, fontina & mozzarella) – very simple, vegeterian, but great flavor came from all of the fresh ingredients!  *I will add here that there were NOT a lot of vegeterian options on the pizza buffet until we asked for it; but they WERE very accomodating with anything that we requested.  They have a few vegeterian options listed on the menu under the pizzas, but we only saw one at any given time out and already made.

Pizza Bar
Pizza Bar

They also had options for the salad, soup, and pizza for those that didn’t want the All You Can Eat route.  If you want some of this, and some of that, it is exactly in that way that it is listed on the menu.  You can make a one-trip salad bowl for $3.99, a platter of salad for $7.98.  You can get just the salad bar for $9.38, or soup AND salad for $10.38 (no pizza).  If you want just soup, you can get a crock for $4.29 or endless soup for $7.28.  I loved all the options!  And slices of pizza for those who can’t eat very many, like mysef who got full after two, are $2.25 each anytime.

Salad/Soup Bar
Salad/Soup Bar

Our son opted for the Mark T’s Pulled Pork sandwich and fries – which was HUGE!  But for a fourteen year old boy, it was more than enough, and it seems that I remembered that as much as he loved it, he still had to get a box and take some back to the condo.  They have several options under sandwiches besides the pulled pork with one vegeterian as well as one fish.  The menu does say that gluten free buns are available as well.  There are also a few burgers available, and you can make it custom with cheeses, veggies, sauces, additional meats, or even swapping the beef for turkey, chicken breast, veggie burger patty, or a “skinny” burger with no bun.  I really like having the turkey and veggie burger options, since I prefer one of those on my burgers nowadays.  Next time we visit, maybe I will get a turkey burger!

There are entrees and calzones available for those who don’t want the pizza, sandwich, or burgers…but only a few options like mac ‘n’ cheese (3 types!), fish & chips, a couple of pasta options, and chicken tenders.  There were three calzone options that I saw:  lots of meat, no meat vegeterian, or create your own.  I like that option in a calzone personally!

There were several options for the little ones, which we were happy to see.  The $6.25 Kids Menu (includes a soda, juice, or milk) for ages 10 and under had:  spaghetti, chicken strips, mini burgers, grilled cheese, or mac & cheese.  Our little girl doesn’t eat meat, so she was plenty content with the mac & cheese, and trying our cheese/mushroom pizza.  You can also add a salad to the kid’s meals for just $1.99, which is a nice addition.  We gave her olives and broccoli from our salads, so she was a happy girl.  But if you don’t want to get one of the kid’s meals, there was always the Kid’s Buffet and Baby Buffets that I listed above.  2014-06-09 18.04.43

We didn’t see or hear of any desserts, and there aren’t any on the menu, but they DO have them – you just have to ask your server for the day’s selections.

I’m not sure if they deliver, but they do have a “Take and Bake” option, where you can pick it up and cook it in the comfort of your own oven.  One night when it was raining, and we were tired and didn’t want to go out again, we considered going and picking up to cook it ourselves – but didn’t only because we didn’t have a pizza cutter and honestly, just didn’t want to cook (yeah, we were THAT tired).

Overall, I loved all of the options, and the prices seemed pretty decent for a touristy, college town.  My only negative would be to have more vegeterian pizzas out and on the pizza buffet.  The ingredients were clearly fresh, and each pie made by hand.  I will totally return upon our future visits to Golden, and highly recommend it to anyone who happens across this hidden treasure of a locale!


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