(Review) K. Ann Diaz Photography – Napa Valley, CA.

K. Ann Diaz Photography     Zero Star Rating

This is probably one of the oddest reviews I have ever written, as it will have zero stars. A few weeks ago, I started looking for photographers in the Napa Valley area, since I would be traveling there in July to celebrate my wedding anniversary. I found K. Ann Diaz Photography on Craigslist and thought that her photos were nice, and her prices were affordable. I first sent an email, asking if she would be willing to schedule a session (we are a same-sex couple and I know that some vendors will sometimes not work with us), and if she had the date open that I needed (our anniversary date – July 18th). She wrote back and was very friendly, verified her pricing, and after a few emails, we had the date, time, and place set.

My wife and I arrived at our specified location on the afternoon of our anniversary, and 30 minutes before our scheduled session we changed into our clothes for the shoot. We were scheduled for a 5 PM shoot at the Castello di Amoroso vineyard and winery in Calistoga. I sent a text to the number that Kimberly had provided in ALL of her emails and got no response. 5 PM came and went. At 5:20 PM, I called the phone number and it went straight to voicemail; no return phone call either. I walked back and forth between the entrance and the exit several times. As far as I know, she never showed for the session, never returned my text or phone call, never emailed me again.

I might also mention that I, too, am a photographer in the Dallas, Texas area. Perhaps this is why I was SO surprised at the outcome of this appointment. I have had my photography business since 2001, and have NEVER no-showed for any session or event. The rare occasion that I have had to be late for a shoot due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances, I have ALWAYS called and/or sent a text to notify the client. This incident was the height of unprofessionalism, and particularly when it is done to someone in the same field of work. Now I am a very fair, reasonable, understanding and even forgiving person; but several days have passed and I still never received any form of response. In this case, there is no “three strikes and you’re out,” or giving of second chances. This was completely unacceptable, as she left us dressed in our special clothes and without the special anniversary photos that I was so looking forward to having. I would and will not recommend this photographer for any session or event.

Fortunately, I had my professional camera with me, so we were able to get some photos of each other, and a few of us together thanks to a couple of kindhearted tourists willing to snap them for me after I set them up. Yes, I saved myself some money, but that was nothing compared to the huge disappointment that we had for being stood up.


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